Boot Care


Your new ugg boots are not water proof. We recommend you spray your new ugg boots with a good quality suede/sheepskin protector to increase their water resistance.

Making your ugg boots water resistant means, that if your uggs get wet in the rain, you are able to put them aside to dry naturally and brush off any stains the following morning.


Loose Threads

Do not pull on any loose threads.  If there are excess threads from the manufacturing process, simple get a pair of scissors and trim them down.  Never pull on them and never cut through a seam.


Snugness and Sizing

Your new uggs show be very snug when first purchased. Your toes however should not be curling or hurting. The snugness should be felt over the bridge of your feet.

Sheepskin boots will stretch wherever there is pressure around your feet and legs. Generally we see ugg boots stretch up to half a size.

Your heel should be firmly in place without moving up and down.


Dye Migration

All sheepskin products have been through a strong dyeing process; the result is the range of magnificent colours you can choose from for your AusBoots. However, sometimes there may be some dye migration in the darker colours (your foot becoming slightly coloured by the coloured sheepskin). This is a natural occurrence and should gradually disappear with repeated wear.


Cleaning/Restoring your Ugg Boots

  • Use a gentle brush to brush away excess dirt and grime which has built up over time. A gentle pet brush or lint brush works well without damaging the sheepskin.
  • For stubborn stains, use a damp cloth with a small amount of good quality suede leather cleaner. Rub the damp cloth over your stained boots in a circular motion. You will notice they change colour to a darker shade but this will restore to its natural shade after the boots are dry. Be careful not to drench the ugg boot by using too much water.  If too much water is soaked up by the sheepskin, it can ultimately cause the wool to separate from the skin.
  • Once you have cleaned the ugg boots, they can be left to dry naturally, away from direct sunlight or artificial heat like hair-dryers or heaters. To protect the shape of your boots as they dry, you can stuff them with an old tea-towel or scrunch up paper (not newspaper, as the ink will transfer to the damp sheepskin).
  • Your ugg boots should dry overnight and be looking fresh and new by the next morning.
  • For oily or greasy stains, we suggest you try gently rubbing some white chalk over the stain and leaving it overnight before brushing it off. The chalk will absorb and take away the stain. This method is most successful if you treat the stain immediately.
  • Although some customers report they like to wash their ugg boots in the washing machine, we do not recommend this as, it lessens the life-span of your uggs, causing them to deteriorate more quickly with time.