About Us

AusBoots is a family owned and operated business and as an Australian family with Australian roots that can be traced back many generations to the 18th century penal settlement of this country we believe strongly that by drawing from our own homegrown Australian culture, craftsmanship & business resources we can offer products with a unique world-class quality that we are proud to support, promote and protect.
That is why, here at AusBoots, our uggs are all Australian made, with Australian sheepskin, by Australians. We’ve made sure that our manufacturers in both Victoria & NSW, carefully select only the highest quality Merino sheepskin, durable rubber & hard-wearing thread, to craft our boots. Each pair of ugg boots is handcrafted with an exacting degree of care, diligence and expertise, right down to the finest detail. At AusBoots, we are passionate about defending our reputation as an honest, hardworking country with an appreciation of down-to-earth ‘value for money’. When you buy a pair of AusBoots, you don’t pay for fancy packaging and pretentious certificates of authentication – you pay a fair price for an authentic product made with pride and care. That’s our promise to you.